Think Tanks or Septic Tanks*?

It may come of no great surprise to some of you on Twitter that I don’t like these so called “Think Tanks”.

There was an interesting article on the BBC website from The New Economic Foundation that we should work a 21 hour week (read here). All very worthy but poorly thought out.

Anna Coote - The New Economic Foundation

She says “The foundation admitted people would earn less, but said they would have more time to carry out worthy tasks.

Great idea, so based on a 40 hour week I’d lose almost 50% of my income as an employee. I can not survive on that. And how many other “ordinary” people could do that? We don’t get inflated salaries or book commission.

And self employed people. No minimum wage when you work for yourself.

As for saving the environment, if it takes 2 people to do 1 job, that’s potentially the CO2 x 2 for travelling.

The sort of things they have come up with would get laughed out of a pub conversation, so how do they get away with it? Ah yes because they have a worthy name.

Don’t get me wrong as I don’t begrudge Ms Coote from earning whatever she does. It’s the head in the clouds attitude she has.

Which is where I dislike these so called groups. They are all very worthy but how many are run (and subsidised) by wealthy middle class, dare I say, Champagne Socialists?

What also concerns me is that politician’s listen to these people when they should be engaging people and not just their own political faith either.

The LabourDoorStep campaign is great and one thing I think they have got right. By why now? Why not over the last 12 years? Why because there is an election due? Do it on a regular basis too.

The parties should be asking real people what they think and not political wannabes stuck in air-tight little middle class bubbles.

Oh and the Septic Tank * reference? Because in my opinion most of them are full of sh…

* Special thanks to jonboyes from Twitter for the Septic Tank inspiration. Now look what you’ve started!! 🙂

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