It’s Not About Personality Says Gordon

Funny that. Isn’t it like saying “looks aren’t everything” when stood next to your really good looking friend though? Well here’s Gordon insisting that this is NOT about personality:

Yet somehow now, it is about personality:

I have no doubts whatsoever that the tears were genuine. Being a Dad I’d be horrified if he wasn’t upset. What concerns me is the cynical timing of it, especially bearing in mind that Alastair Campbell “broke down” on Andrew Marr’s show last week.

To me Campbell was stalling for time whilst he thought of something to say. Cynical? Yes. But he deserves it in my opinion.

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One comment on “It’s Not About Personality Says Gordon
  1. Absolutely, unequivocally yes.
    I totally agree.
    Look, anyone would be distraught and in a permanent state of grief after the death of a child. No one’s quibbling about that.
    The problem is, GB chose to make his grief public (no doubt on the advice of AC) and as such has just squandered any semblance of respect in the eyes of the public.
    One reaps what one sows (IMO)

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