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ISIS Soldiers? You Mean Daesh Douchebags

A priest was murdered today (Tuesday 26th July) while conducting a service in Rouen in northern France.

He was an 84 year old man in a church with no weapons. So why did the BBC call them (albeit in quote marks) soldiers?


Blog - BBC ISIS Soldiers

They were not soldiers – they were cowards. Soldiers face other soldiers not unarmed 84 year old pensioners.

Would the BBC report them as such if one of their own was killed? Unlikely. So why give them the kudos this time?

One of the suspects, 18 year old Adel K, is reported to have been in custody and then placed under a control order, and had tried to enter Syria twice. Surely it’s time now to do two things:

  1. Let these cowardly murderous thugs go to Syria
  2. Refuse to let them back in again

Let them see what life is really like out there and how their Daesh Douchebag “heroes” are really murderous scum. Chances are they won’t be coming back based on reports of Daesh killing their own once they have outlived their use.

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The Labour Party – A Bit of a Rant

Tonight (Tuesday 12th July) the Labour NEC decided it would allow the current party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to be on the ballot in a forthcoming leadership election.

Now I am not a big fan of the Labour party (the name of this blog might have given that away) but I have been warming to it’s new leader. Maybe not enough to vote for them but at least agree on more than one occasion. As part of that I think I’ve realised it’s not Labour I dislike…

It’s the bloody idiots running it!

You want examples?

£25 Membership

Sorry but the party of working people charging £25 to become a member? What idiot thought up that idea? I guess the plan is to only attract middle class voters that can afford it. You know, the people that vote Tory.


So your PLP have tried stopping Jeremy Corbyn being on the voting list because he’s “unelectable”. If he’s so unelectable why are you concerned about him being re-elected?

While we on the subject of being undemocratic your PLP does have form in the shape of a Mr David Lammy. Yes the man who thinks 48% is bigger than 52% (shadow chancellor anyone?) and because he didn’t like the result of a referendum wanted a second go at it.

Maybe he’ll try the same if (when?) Corbyn wins this vote after all he got almost 60% last time. Unelectable eh?

Election Fraud

So you’ve been selling membership saying people could vote but now they can’t. Isn’t that mis-selling? Maybe even fraud? Now you have a 2 day window and have to pay £25. And you think the public will trust you after that? You think your own members will trust you after that?

Deaf To Their Own Members

While the Labour PLP are happy to blame Corbyn for losing the EU Referendum, maybe it’s because the PLP aren’t listening to their own members. Generally.

And finally…

We need a strong opposition and sadly at the moment we don’t have one. In fact I’m not sure how long now we haven’t had one.

The likes of Chuka Umunna and Chris Bryant with their arrogance and attitude often appear to be more Tory than Labour. That’s not opposition, that’s Tory Lite.

Maybe it’s time for a new broom at the Labour Party…and maybe this time we’ll get it.

Image by The Telegraph

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Time Len McCluskey Looked in the Mirror

If Len McCluskey wants to know the real reason Labour lost in Scotland, maybe he should look in the mirror and not Jim Murphy.

McCluskey, who won his election on a 15% turnout, “called on Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy to resign for “making certain” the Conservatives won the general election.

Maybe McCluskey is suffering from some memory issues as it was he and his Unite union that picked Ed Miliband to lead Labour – and ultimately the man responsible for the worst defeat in years for the party. And with that pathetically low win, maybe numbers are not his forte either as even if Labour had taken every seat in Scotland they would still have lost to the Tories.

Maybe there is another reason for McCluskey calling for Murphy’s resignation. It deflects the poor decision he and his fat cat union friends made in selecting a man who along with Ed Balls (another union favourite) helped made Labour unelectable.

Len McCluskey: the best things to happen to the Tories in decades.

Len McCluskey

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Chris Leslie Caught Out Yet Again

Chris Leslie has been at it again and yet again pulled up over exaggerations and generally making stuff up. This time however, it seems he was just copying his boss, Ed Miliband.

The IFS reported that the Tory plans are “a significantly larger reduction in borrowing and debt than Labour plans” however Leslie said that the IFS called them “extreme” which he was pulled up on by the BBC interviewer.

Leslie has shown many times his lack of principles, for example whilst questioning Tory tax plans he is not so keen on being questioned about Labour’s.

To read the full report, go to the IFS website: http://election2015.ifs.org.uk/article/post-election-austerity-parties-plans-compared

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Labour’s Shabana Mahmood – Making It Up As It Goes Along

Labour have again been caught out making up figures and using their “talking over tactics” on BBC Daily Politics.

On Thursday 8th April Shabana Mahmood was interviewed by Andrew Neil and appears to be making figures up.

Quoted saving “hundreds of millions of pounds” but unable to give a single instance of where these figures came from, she also tried waffling when Andrew Neil pulled her up on it.

It all started when Ed Miliband said he wanted to end the Non-Dom loophole, however in January, Ed Balls said doing that could cost the country money and even admitted that the current government had tightened them up.

Having played the clip of Ed Balls, Shabana Mahmood said that Balls wasn’t saying the country would lose money. So was Mahmood a liar, making it up as she went or just not up to the job?

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What’s Wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry

What’s wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry.

The Tweet and explanations about a driveway with a white van and 3 English flags while she was canvassing in Rochester sum up Emily Thornberry. An arrogant, sneering, elitist snob who looks down her nose at everyone.

Sadly the “party of the working class” has been taken over by a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Millionaire property gatherer Emily Thornberry who seems to look down her nose at everyone.
  • Millionaire tax dodger Margaret Hodge who attacks Starbucks while her own family business pays less percentage tax.
  • Millionaire property flipper and expenses dodger Ed Balls.
  • Millionaire and private school goer Harriet Harman

That’s not forgetting the likes of:

  • John “2 Jags and 5 houses” Prescott
  • Tony “oil well that ends well” Blair

It runs through the party. So when Miliband said “their values are different to the Tory’s values” was he just talking about  their property portfolios?

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